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    Welcome to the official WTMFI Wednesdays Forums.

    In our forums, we invite and encourage you to connect with fellow participants and delve deeper into each session’s questions, themes, topics and responses. We also plan to keep you informed and updated about what’s happening with the meme, the site and our participants.

    There are 3 main forum sections: Official, General and Groups.

    In our Official section, you can find news, leave your suggestions and get support on participating in WTMFI Wednesdays. In our General section, you can share your submissions to any session and have deeper discussions about specific session’s, questions, themes and topics. You can also create your own forums. Finally, the Groups section is for niche groups, allowing them to have their own discussion spaces.

    If you would like to create your own forum, but aren’t sure how, we’ve made a handy tutorial for you.

    Speaking of tutorials, we offer a variety of how-to’s in our Support forums. Below is just a small selection of one’s that may interest you:

    • Everything You Need to Know About the Forums
    • How to Post to WTMFI Wednesdays
    • Setting Up Your Profile (Step-By-Step)

    In January 2019, we returned after a brief hiatus with brand new sessions of WTMFI Wednesdays. You can see a full list of all the sessions in The Session Master List 2019. Please feel free to add your own master list’s as a comment on this topic!


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