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    We have officially managed to go through all of the five available themes for WTMFI Wednesdays!!!

    If you don’t know what the themes are:
    There are five themes that we cycle through each session of WTMFI Wednesdays. The themes dictate the overall structure of the post and give you a hint at the type of questions we’ll be asking. We cover the themes in great detail on this page, but here’s a quick rundown.

    Q&A (see Session #1)
    In our Q&A theme, we ask you 5+1 questions on a mixture of topics related to sexuality.

    The 5 W’s (see Session #3)
    When we post The 5 W’s, we’re asking you Who, What, Where, When, Why – and as a bonus, How – with a specific topic in mind.

    Have You Ever… (see Session #2)
    In Have You Ever…, we ask you 5 + 1 questions about all the things you have and maybe haven’t done and of course, always ponder whether you’d even want to!

    Would You Rather… (see Session #4)
    In Would You Rather…, we give you 5 + 1 different sets of two options – sometimes fun and sometimes not so much. Then, we ask you which one you’d rather do and why.

    Should/Could/Would (see Session #5)
    With Should/Could/Would, we ask you to reveal your deepest thoughts, feelings and opinions on a variety of topics related to sexuality.

    So, now that you’ve been in able to see what each of these themes look like in a session, which theme would you say is your favorite and why?


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    Ever since the old WTMFI Wednesdays, I’ve always thought the Would You Rather’s are fun. I did an entire post where it was like, “Well, I wouldn’t want either of these things… But if I had to choose…” and sometimes the choice is super easy.

    I also think that I’m going to really enjoy Should/Could/Would, because I think it’ll ask a lot of questions that will spawn great blog posts. It’ll also be interesting to see what other people have to say to these answers. I imagine opinions will be flying, so it could end up being a lot of fun to explore.

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